London, UK

Current Projects

Heaven Sent
Heist / noir / psychological drama (feature, script available)
Amy is in the worst marriage ever. When she discovers $2million from a botched bank heist, she takes her daughter, Elise and the money and runs. The problem is Elise is daddy’s girl and daddy is the bank robber.
– set in 1970s Texas. Writer Jade Syed-Bokhari
Thriller  (feature, script available. Seeking finance. This will be the first feature to be directed by Jade Syed-Bokhari

Kitty, fourteen, precocious and abandoned at boarding school, storms home to discover her parents secrets. Forced out onto the London streets and befriended by the homeless, can she escape human trafficking, the police, and her father to find the happy family she craves?
– set in London. Writer Jade Syed-Bokhari
The Art of Death
Thriller / political drama / love / kung fu  (feature, script available)
Tazim, an Afghan interpreter for the US Army and a fighting champ, flees to London to win ransom money for the release of his brother. But as the Taliban’s demands escalate, can he save his family, his friends at the US base and win the woman he loves?
– set in London and Afghanistan. Writer Jade Syed-Bokhari
Coming soon…
The Dreaming
Supernatural thriller / psychological horror  (feature, script coming soon)

– set in London
Fallon – Jade
Sci-Fi thriller / action  (feature, script coming soon)

– set in Dubai, USA and Mexico